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Cruise Rookies

All cruise travel reports and photos posted to this website relate to cruises taken by myself, Stephen Grande, and my wife Barbara Cepinko, and guests that we have brought along with us on our cruises unless otherwide noted.

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I think no matter how many cruises my wife and I take, we'll always be cruise rookies. There are so many ports in the world, so many cruise lines, so many different cruise ships, and new ships are always being built and old ones retired! It seems like it would be impossible to ever become an experienced cruiser that knows everything about every cruise ship and every cruise itinerary.

Below you can view thousands of photos and read many reports from the cruises that we have taken over the past decade or so. The reports from our more recent travels are much more detailed than those from our earlier cruises. I had no idea when we took cruises years ago that I'd ever set up a web site devoted to my cruise experiences and thus didn't bother to record the details of our cruises other than to take a lot of photos.

In the future I'll be adding more sections to this web site that will include such things as hints and suggestions related to cruising. In the meantime, there are many other web sites that offer a lot of help when planning a cruise. You can see a list of those near the bottom of this page.

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