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14 Day Norway Cruise
From Southampton, England To
Norway, Iceland & Scotland
Norwegian Jade

Reykjavik, Iceland
Just Relaxing Onboard
Day 8 - Monday, September 10, 2018

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The Norwegian Jade stayed in the Reykjavik, Iceland, port overnight. It arrived into Reykjavik on Sunday at 8 AM and would not depart unil the following day, Monday, at 4 PM. Reykjavik has a lot of night life with some bars and restaurants staying open until the wee hours of the morning including many with live music almost until closing time. Unfortunately our ship came in on Sunday and that is not the best night for live music, though we did find and go to one that had a great live jazz band until 10 PM. Friday and Saturday are the best evenings to experience the night life of Reykjavik though live music can be found every night of the week. Sunday is the only night that the live music ends earlier. On the day that we arrived a week long annual Jazz Festival had just ended! If our ship had arrived even just a day earlier we could have attended many live jazz performances all day and all night long!

Most cruise ships that visit Reykjavik do stay overnight. One of the reasons for this is because of the well known late night life in Reykjavik. The only way for passengers to experience this is for the cruise ship to stay overnight. However, most passengers seemed to have been unaware of the Reykjavik night life. Most just headed back to the ship in the late afternoon after finishing up the daytime tours they had booked. Many had additional daytime tours booked for the second day in Reykjavik.

We took advantage of this overnight stay in Reykjavik by going out to experience the active night life, even if it was a less active Sunday night. After our extensive banquet of a diversity of Icelandic food we then went out to experience some live jazz along with some custom Icelandic beers. The photos and report about that are on the previous page of this cruise travelogue. Thus we ended up returning to the ship quite late, well after 11 PM. Our only plan for the second day in Reykjavik was just to sleep in late and then relax on this ship, which is what we did. Below are the photos taken while we spent that relaxing day on the ship.

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Views Of Shipping Activity From Our Balcony

Views Of Iceland Shore From Our Balcony

Jazz In Magnums Champagne & Wine Bar

The Wine We Had While Relaxing And Listening To Jazz.

Listening To Music In The Bliss Lounge

The Wine We Had In The Bliss Lounge

More Tour Of The Ship

The Great Outdoors Bar & Lounge

Getting Around The 13th Level

Topsiders Poolside Bar

The Pool & An Indoor/Outdoor Relaxing Area

The Pit Stop Poolside Restaurant

The Game / Card Room

The Library

Pulse Fitness Center

Spinnaker Lounge

The Chapel

Mandara Spa & Salon

Splash Academy For Younger Children

Entourage For Teenagers

Includes A Video Arcade.

Shopping Info For Our Next Port Stop

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