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14 Day Norway Cruise
From Southampton, England To
Norway, Iceland & Scotland
Norwegian Jade

Wine & Spirits
On The Ship

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Bar Menus

Spirits & Wine Menu

All of the bars and lounges throughout the ship seem to have the exact same bar menu and short wine list shown below. Some of the restaurants also offer a much more extensive wine list. The wine available by both the glass and the bottle in the bars is rather limited to a few selections of inexpensive wine, even in Magnum's Champagne & Wine Bar. They mostly range in price from about $27 to $33 per bottle but are wines that you could buy yourself in retail stores for between about $6 and $14 per bottle. Thus the cruise ship is marking up the wines double or triple from the retail price. Considering the ship probably buys them at the even chepaer wholesale prices, they are probably marking them up 4 or 5 times what they pay for them. That is quite a profit on each bottle of wine! The wines ranged in taste from "just OK" to "very good". I would not rate any of the bar menu wines as "excellent".

Regional Wine Selections.

White, Red & Dessert Wines.

Topmast Libations & Martini Flight.

Topmast Super & Ultra Premium Spirits.

Topmast Call Spirits.

Premium Spirits.

Super & Ultra Premium Spirits.

Beer & Cider.

Non-Alcoholic Refreshers.

O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill Wines

Jade Restaurants Wine List

As you can see from the below list, the restaurants offer a much greater selection of wine than is availble in the bars and lounges. The wines available in the restaurant include those of much higher quality and prices than what can be purchased in the bars and lounges. I was surprised that the wines available in Magnums Champagne & Wine Bar is so limited compared to what you can purchase in the ship restaurants.

The Wines We Tried

Gekkeikan Sake At Jasmine Asian Restaurant, ABV: 15.6%, Good.

2016 Estancia Pinot Noir, Monterey County, California,
Glass: $9.95 Bottle: $33 (Retail: $14), ABV 13.5%, Good/Very Good.

2017 Lindeman's "Bin 50" Shiraz, South Eastern Australia,
Glass: $8.95 Bottle: $29 (Retail: $6), ABV 13.5%, Good.

2016 Hogue Merlot, Columbia Valley, Washington,
Glass: $8.95 Bottle: $29 (Retail: $10), ABV 13.5%, OK.

2017 Gerard Bertrans Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Special, Languedoc, France,
Glass: $8.95 Bottle: $29 (Retail: $14), ABV 14%, Very Good.

2016 Bolla Chianti DOCG, Tuscany, Italy,
Glass: $8.95 Bottle: $29 (Retail: $8), ABV 13%, Good / Very Good.

North & South Norwegian Proprietary Red Wine Blend by Norwegian Cruise Lines,
California, Glass: $9.95 Bottle: $33, ABV 13.8%, Good.

I kind of got fooled on this one. I saw "Norwegian Private Selection" on the wine menu and figured we should try some Norwegian Wine since we were heading to Norway. But it turned out the "Norwegian" label refers to the Norwegian Cruise Line, not the country of Norway. The wine has nothing to do with Norway and is actually produced from California grapes. But the wine was pretty good.

2017 Monteviejo Festivo Malbec, Uco Valley, Argentina,
Glass: $8.95 Bottle: $29 (Retail: $12), ABV 13.9%, Good.

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