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Carnival Horizon
14 Day Transatlantic Cruise

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Cruise Day 8 - Fun Day At Sea

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Bonsai Teppanyaki

This Japanese Hibachi Steak House was one of the more expensive restaurants on the ship with meals ranging from $25 to $30 per person. But, they gave you a lot of food and the Sakki was pretty inexpensive at only $12 for a full 750ml bottle.

Each person gets 3 appetizers including Teppanyaki White Shrip, Pork Belly Yakitori, Spicy Tuna On The Rocks, plus Miso Soup AND Kabuki Salad.

The entree was quite big and included vegetables and a huge bowl of fried rice. None of us were able to finish the fried rice. I did forget to take photos of the main entrees.

Everyone got a giant tray of 6 different deserts!
None of us were able to finish all of them.

We purchased an entire 750ml bottle of hot Sake that was only $12 and filled up the little carafe many times. A single Carafe by itself would have been $5.50. They kept the bottle hot and kept refilling our Carage from it.

The outlets and some of the lights in the room automatically turn off if there isn't a card in the slot by the cabin door. Most people put their room key in this slot while in the room. I just took a guess that it would be silly if they put an expensive card scanner to actually read the room key. So I tried just putting any business card in the slot and, as I guessed, it worked just as well keeping the lights and power outlets turned on in the room! Notice the "Emergency Instructions" poster on the back of the door. It was mounted very crooked on the back of the door. My guess is that the person mounting it accidentally got it stuck to the door crooked and didn't want to damage the door finish by trying to rip it off.

Barbara, Shelli and me in the Spa that is only open to Havana Cabana passengers during the daytime. At night it is open to all passengers. The Havana Cabana pool and spa is on Level 5. Our cabin is on Level 7. It is in the middle photo two levels above the pool and spa.

Barbara and I relaxing on the balcony of our Havana Cabana stateroom
at the rear of the ship.

A couple more views of our Havana Cabana stateroom balcony at the rear of the ship

If you purchase the internet plan on Carnvial they only allow one device to be connected at a time. Barbara and I are sometimes in different locations so each needed our own plan. However, I did find that when I'm on my notebook computer, I can turn on the Windows Mobile HotSpot Feature which allows me to connect up to 8 more devices to one Carnival Internet Plan. Thus I was able to use my computer and my phone at the sametime and Barbara was also able to do the same. Thus we could easily have 4 devices connected to the internet simultaneously. This was important for us as I'd often be working on my computer but still want to use internet features of the phone. Also, we were often able to use the T-mobile "WiFi Calling" feature on our phones for both outgoing and incoming calls with no fee. Sometimes the internet quality wasn't adequate for T-mobile "WiFi Calling", but Skype calling always seemed to work.

Chuck Wagner sang songs from his Broadway productions in the Liquid Lounge

Dinner in the Pig & Anchor Smokehouse / Brewhouse

For a small up charge we had a smokehouse dinner in the Pig & Anchor Pub.
There is live entertainment every evening starting at 5pm, usually country or blues.

Shake Spot

For a few extra dollars various shakes, coffees, cookies, etc. can be purchased here. A few internet access computers and a printer are also here. More are located in the Internet Cafe. The ship map only talks about the computers located at the Internet Cafe, but there seem to be just as many here as at the Internet Cafe and both have a printer. When I walked by the Internet Cafe, all the computers there were in use and nobody was sitting at the computers at the Shake Shack.

Brewing Craft Beer At The Pig & Anchor Pub

Watching a new batch of beer being brewed.

A rabbit is today's towel animal.

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