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13 Day British Isles Medley Cruise
Oceania Nautica

Friday, Sep 22, 2017
London, United Kingdom

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Shakespear's Globe Theatre

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As we walked from the London Underground Mansion House Tube Station
to the Shakespear Globe Theater we took the following photographs:

We saw a Pedibus pass by, a 12 passenger bicycle where
you can drink a beer as you peddle from pub to pub!

We walked over the Millenium Bridge to cross to the other side
of the Thames River where the Shakespear's Globe Theatre is located.

Relaxing on a sofa and having lunch in the lounge of
the Swan Restaruant at Shakespeare's Globe Theater.

We saw Shakespeare's King Lear play at
the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Globe Theatre.

We took The River Bus from the Bankside Pier (next to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre) to the Westminster Pier. The River Bus is part of the Transport For London system and you can use your Oyster Card for payment just like for the Tube, Trains and Buses. From there we transfered to the nearby Westminster Tube Station. The above left photo is The River Bus boat that we took. The other photos were taken from the boat ride. The above right photo is not a River Bus, but I wanted to take a photo of it as the boat name is Hollywood!

Photos of construction barriers of the new CrossRail East-West Elizabeth Line.

Oriole Jazz Bar in Smithfield Markets Area

Photos of Smithfield Markets area as we walked from the Barbican Tube Station to the Oriole Jazz Bar.

The odd location of the Oriole Jazz Bar in the Smithfield Markets area. It is located in the basement of a very large building.

The decor is sort of modern and tropical.

The music was great, especially after the Sax Player arrived.

Additioanl photos of Smithfield Markets area after we left the Oriole Jazz Bar and headed back to the Barbican Tube Station.

Click on each photo above to view a larger image.

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