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6 Day Transatlantic Cruise
New York, USA to England
Cunard Queen Mary 2

Other Scanned Photos
Sunday, August 22, 2010

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After we returned home I scanned in some additional photos. The first photo is the "official" photos taken of us at The London Eye. The remaining photos were given to us by Barbara's friend Ellen and cover a span of many years dating back to the early 1990's.

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London Eye

Jason (my daughter's ex-boyfriend), Steve Grande (me), Barbara Cepinko (my wife), Jodina Grande (my daugther), Shirley & Irving Cepinko (Barbara's Parents).

Photos From The Mid-1990's

Eating out at a restaurant in Southern California in the 1990's. From left to right: Sherica & Jodina Grande (my daughters), Steve Grande (me), Ian Sheridan (husband of Ellen, Barbara's life-long friend), Barbara Cepinko (my wife).

At the same restaurant from left to right: Steve Grande (me, I was a LOT heavier then!), Sherica & Jodina Grande (my daughters. Jodina was a lot heavier then, too! Today she is totally fit.), Ian Sheridan, Barbara Cepinko (my wife), Ellen Sheridan (Barbara's life long friend). Ian & Ellen Sheridan live in England just outside London. This photo and the prior photo were both taken more than 20 years ago!

Steve Grande (me) and Barbara Cepinko in our kitchen
in our home in Anaheim Hills, California, in the mid-1990s.

My wife, Barbara Cepinko, with our two daughters, Sherica and Jodina Grande, in our Living Room in Anaheim Hills in the 1990's.

My Own Personal Size Cruise Ship!

Steve Grande (me), Jodina Grande (my daughter) and Ray Burns

Steve Grande (me) and Barbara Cepinko (my wife).

In the 1990's I owned a 50 foot motor yacht with a capacity of more than 50 passengers. It had two bedrooms, an indoor bridge that could be converted to a bed for two, and a salon (living room) that could sleep two. It also had two full heads (bathrooms). Thus it could easily sleep 8 people. It had a full kitchen with a regular full size refrigerator / freezer combo, stove top, oven, microwave, trash compator, and more. We sold it in the late 1990's as it was costing just to much to maintain.

Steve Grande (me), Barbara (my wife), and Ian
in front of our home in Anaheim Hills, California.

Jodina & Sherica Grande, my daughters, in our living room
in our home in Anaheim Hills, California, in the 1990's.

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Click on each photo above for a larger image.

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