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14 Day Australia - New Zealand Cruise
Sydney, Australia - Auckland, New Zealand
Celebrity Millennium

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
Melbourne, Australia
Day 4 - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Dining in Melbourne can be a fabulous experience, especially aboard our famous fleet of historical trams that have become the Collonial Tramcar Restaurant. These glossy, burgundy restaurants on wheels are the first travelling Tramcar Restaurants in the world and ensure a delightful innovative approach to dinning. As they cruise the scenic streets of Melbourne, diners can enjoy our fine cuisine and drink the very best of Australian wines or make a selection of beverages from our fully stocked bar at an all inclusive price.

The atmosphere is cosy, the service friendly and the decor as inviting as the colonial period these trams reflect. Since their inception in 1983, the restaurants have become a star attraction and a tourist symbol for Melbourne. So, dining is not only a culinary delight, but a trip into a little piece of Victoria's history. To dine on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is to dine in luxury.

Our menu (varies):

Appetiser: cream, liver and cognac pate crowned with a port wine and juniper jelly AND roasted red capsicum dip served with assorted crisp bread.
Entrees: grilled kangaroo loin brushed with lemon myrtle, thyme and honey, served on vegetable and chive frittata with bush tomato chilli jam OR smoked salmon and avocado mousse dressed with baby capers, red onion and tomato. Served with frisee and dill creme friache.
Main Courses: chargrilled breast of chicken seasoned with a sun dried tomato tapenade served with a mediterranean vegetable risotto, salsa verde and shaved parmesan OR prime eye fillet of beef resting on a potato and herb rosi, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, onion marmalade and rich beef jus.
Cheeses: selection of australian cheese served with dried muscatel grapes, pear paste, fruit bread and water crackers.
Beverages: wines - selected victorian red and white wines (The meal started off with a glass of champagne and was followed by an endless pour of red or white wine throughout the meal!). From the bar (no extra charge!): beer, whisky, brandy, gin, vodka, bacardi rum, dry vermouth and bourbon. Coffee or tea. Liquors - port, cognac (v.s.o.p.), drambuie, dom benedictine, cointreau, or tia maria.


Click on each photo below for a larger image.

Waiting To Board The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Onboard The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Steve Grande (me) and Barbara Cepinko (my wife).

Shirley & Irving Cepinko (Barbara's Parents).

Placing And Receiving Our Order.

Wine served with our meal.

Passing by a Melbourne Police Car.

Barbara, Irving & Shirley Cepinko.

McDonald's in Melbourne, but I'm sure our meal on the tramcar was better.

Photos Taken While Riding in the Tramcar Restaurant

Departing The Tramcar Restaurant

Riding Back To The Ship

Back Onto The Ship

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Click on each photo above for a larger image.

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